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About us

Welcome to Anko Academy, the No. 1 School of Tourism Professions!

High quality education evolves and is offered through agile learning, expanding the horizon and the possibilities of follow-up through e-learning courses in Catering, Beauty and Hotel Studies.

Choose the online program you want and learn from the leaders of the tourism industry.

Start immediately with 1500+ videos at your disposal and interactive exercises, wherever you are, whenever it suites you, at your own pace, having direct communication with the teachers.

Today maximize the career opportunities in this fast-growing sector with the guarantee of the 30 years of experience of the No 1 School of Tourism Professions.

Because in Anko you're the focus!

Our vision and mission

With responsibility, sensitivity and respect for our students, we provide high quality education, pioneering the preparation of tomorrow's professionals.

This is demonstrated in Anko's Career Days where more than 60 leading companies in the tourism industry, 300 business executives, students and professors meet creating the right infrastructure for cooperation.

Our dedication, professionalism, consistency, knowledge, 30 years of experience, morals and values are recognized by the representatives of Tourism and all can guarantee that "Together we build careers"!

Our history

It all started in 1992 with the establishment of Anko in Kos by the visionary Mr. Christos Epsimos who predicted the trends and needs of the market and designed the first-ever specialty for the time, Computerized Accounting, while also operating a computer department.

In 2011 it expanded to a Tourist School of rapid vocational specialization and in 2014 to a Private Institute of Vocational Training providing studies with State Certification, while at the same time branches are established in Leros, Kalymnos and Rhodes, the heart of tourism.

Today, our students stand out in the job market by graduating from the departments of Gastronomy, Confectionery, Hotel Business Administration and Aesthetics, while attending innovative seminars such as Revenue Management, Destination Marketing, Guest Relationship, Event Management, Vegan Cooking and many other subjects, under the guidance of the excellent professors of the school who are renowned executives of eminent companies.

In addition, they have the opportunity to retrain and specialize in the subject they desire as the school has ensured cooperation with leading Universities abroad in the context of offering the maximum possibilities of development.

Today, Anko looks, as always, ahead. And we are ready to take the lead in the needs of the new digital age. Quality education evolves and is offered through agile learning, extending the horizon and the possibilities of follow-up through e-learning courses in catering, beauty and hotel studies.

Unlock your future today with Anko Academy's flexible learning programs.